Case Study: Staff Engagement – Glasgow Print Studio

2nd February 2017

Case Study: Staff Engagement - Glasgow Print Studio

Glasgow Print studio explains how through addressing their waste and recycling issues they were able to engage a wider range of staff and studio members in sustainability.

Until the appointment of a Green Champion, Glasgow Print Studio only had recycling in place for wooden pallets, with the rest of the studio waste going to landfill.

Whilst recycling had become part of everyday life at home and in many work places, and despite a willingness from staff and members to work more sustainably, no one had been specifically tasked with looking at recycling within the studio and so little advance had been made.

Policy Development

One of the first tasks the studio’s Green Champion was given was the responsibility of re-writing the green policy and they quickly found that other staff and studio members shared their passion to find ways to work in a more environmentally-conscious way.

The first step to implementing the policy involved discussions with staff and members to find out what they would like to recycle, along with researching what it was possible to divert from landfill. Having looked around at recycling services in Glasgow, the studio chose to use The Reclaimer based on their reputation, the range of materials they recycle and the flexibility they offer.

Familiar Concepts Aid Implementation

The fact that recycling was already a familiar process to staff and members made it a relatively easy policy to implement, though the GPS team do monitor waste, actively re-routing recyclables which have been placed in the wrong bin and reminding users of the facilities available.

The studio’s Green Champion, Meg, believes this policy has provided a good starting point for people to talk about wider issues and raise awareness more generally of sustainable working practices:

‘We shared our six month review of the policy with staff and members, showing that we now recycle 50% of our waste, a huge leap for us. It’s important to share these successes with people to keep them interested in what we’re trying to do here. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from staff and members, both about the policy and with suggestions of other areas they would like us to look at.’

Meg admits that there wasn’t a huge amount of work involved in implementing the policy, it just needed someone with time to talk to people, research recycling companies and set the wheels in motion. And the effort was definitely worth it. The positive impact of the recycling policy has reached beyond simply diverting waste from landfill and helped Glasgow Print Studio start an ongoing conversation amongst its staff and members about how they can all work together to work more sustainably

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