Saving the World Isn’t Just for the Movies

3rd February 2016

The Scottish Government's new campaign encourages Scots to help fight climate change.

In a recent survey conducted by the Scottish Government, findings revealed that around half of people living in Scotland acknowledge climate change is an immediate and urgent problem – and eight in ten could do more to care for the environment.

The campaign seeks to raise awareness of how making greener and cleaner lifestyle choices is easier than many Scots think. Some simple changes include:

  • Washing clothes at a lower temperature,
  • avoiding and recycling food waste,
  • leaving the car at home to walk shorter journeys
  • and turning your thermostat down by just one degree.

Implementing all of these small changes can easily help cut some household greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate Change Minister Aileen McLeod said: “These small actions, if repeated across all Scottish households, would be a highly positive collective step forward. Through this campaign, we hope to inspire more Scots to contribute in making Scotland a cleaner, greener place to live now and in the future.”

Creative Carbon Scotland is on a mission to encourage more people to be a green action hero and help fight climate change as part of a new campaign from Greener Scotland. Visit our guides section for some helpful tips on how to conserve energy, save money and help cut your carbon emissions.


For advice on how to be a green action hero or more information on our Carbon Reduction Project and Training, please contact Fiona MacLennan.

The Scottish Government is asking public sector organisations to support the new campaign in a number of ways:

– By contributing aspirational stories of people who are already – or are thinking about – adopting one or more of the greener lifestyle choices from the campaign.

– Supporting the campaign via social media channels.

– Share campaign information through newsletters, the internet, field marketing and using the campaign resources.

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