Survey: biofuel vehicle for touring companies?

18th May 2017

If you’re involved with an arts organisation which tours in Scotland, here’s a chance to have your say on an …

If you’re involved with an arts organisation which tours in Scotland, here’s a chance to have your say on an opportunity to make your activities more sustainable.

For many arts organisations, travel is often the major contributor to carbon emissions production – so CCS is always trying to look for new ways to address this issue.

For 7 years, Eco Drama, a Glasgow-based theatre company and Green Arts Initiative Member have been reducing the environmental impact of their touring through the use of their bio diesel van.

After receiving some queries from other arts companies about hiring the van for low-carbon touring, they’ve decided to research whether there could be a viable hire model that would enable this as a resource for the green arts community in Scotland. More detailed info in this PDF

The first step is to get a sense from Scottish arts organisations whether there is demand for the idea, and what use might look like, so Emily from Eco Drama has put together a short survey for arts organisations to fill in.

The survey has 9 questions (mainly multiple choice), should take 5-10 minutes to complete, and all responses will be extremely useful in informing the potential development of this touring resource.

You can complete the survey through this link

Emily will be using the results from the survey to inform the development of the idea, and would be really happy to chat it over if you have more information, ideas or experience to add. Her email address is

Finally, if you know anyone else who you think may be interested in this idea, please do forward this page to them – thank you!

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