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We've created this resource to help you find suppliers who are committed to promoting sustainable practice in their services and operations. This is a developing tool which we'll continue to grow with the Green Arts community.

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Green Buildings suppliers in Scotland

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This project is currently run by volunteers as a Facebook page with a following of over 1000 people and organisations from  across the Scottish entertainment sector. The service engages with a number of companies from across the sector and can help to:

Collect items; Pass scenery onto several small organisations and schools; Assist in the sale, transfer and storage of  sets; Provide materials to make sets from recycled materials; Recycle touring sets .


This web based resource showcases traditional, innovative, recycled traditional and low carbon building materials. The resource will interest construction professionals, architects, builders, home-owners and students alike and offers the opportunity for visitors to:

Browse and compare materials; search materials by type, origin and typical use; view case studies of the materials in use in Scottish projects, from houses to visitor centres.



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