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We've created this resource to help you find suppliers who are committed to promoting sustainable practice in their services and operations. This is a developing tool which we'll continue to grow with the Green Arts community.

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Green Reuse and waste suppliers in Scotland

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Move On Wood Recycling is a social enterprise in Edinburgh which collects waste wood, sells quality timber, and provides work experience, volunteering and training. They have carried out large collections for organisations such as Assembly, Underbelly, and The Pleasance. Their waste wood collection and timber supplying services are on average 40% cheaper than commercial alternatives.


Making Circles Online is a FREE Circular Economy design resource for learners at school or at home suitable for P4-S3. It includes films and downloadable resources including an Introduction to the Circular Economy;  “How To” Circular Design Films for learners to create their own badges, bags and more; Studio visits to circular designer-makers; and Go Circular – ideas for cutting out waste at home and at school.

The resource is totally free and all you need to enter is an email address and the name of your school.


This project is currently run by volunteers as a Facebook page with a following of over 1000 people and organisations from  across the Scottish entertainment sector. The service engages with a number of companies from across the sector and can help to:

Collect items; Pass scenery onto several small organisations and schools; Assist in the sale, transfer and storage of  sets; Provide materials to make sets from recycled materials; Recycle touring sets .


Set up in 2011, is a freecycle website for Theatre and the related creative industries.  Our community based project provides an online message board to share and re-home your unwanted set, props, costumes.  We promote sustainability, waste reduction, and the sharing of our resources across our industry.


The Edinburgh Remakery is a project run by Remade in Edinburgh, a charity whose mission is to promote sustainability, teach people the skills to repair and reuse items to divert these from landfill, and work towards a zero waste community. The Edinburgh Remakery sells second-hand, refurbished furniture, household goods, and IT equipment, runs creative repair, refurbishment, and upcycling workshops in woodwork, sewing, and textiles, and offers affordable 1-2-1 IT and sewing repair appointments.

Edinburgh is the first UK wide community database of all of the props cupboards, costume stores and set warehouses in the country, created to promote sharing between Theatre Companies and Venues, Commercial Hire Companies and Set Builders – from the smallest to the largest flagship companies. We invite you to join our project and list your stores with us.  Hire out your items for a fee, or offer to loan or share your items to help stop the throw away culture. The site is part of the project, and is free for all.


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