#GreenFests: Top Ten Things to See in Edinburgh this Week

22nd August 2016

Going by in a whirl of flyers and colourful costumes, August is almost over. But there is much yet to see in this last week of the Festival Fringe!


The end of the Fringe is always bittersweet – the returning quiet will be eagerly welcomed by many, but nothing beats the unique and outragously creative spectacle that characterises our city in the summer. So make sure you make it to some of the last performances before they’re gone again, some forever but all at least for a year!

Bringing our celebration of sustainable art to an end this week is the award ceremony for the Edinburgh Fringe Sustainable Practice Award! Join us on Friday 26 August at the Festival Theatre to honour the best and greenest of this year’s Fringe.




Contemporary devised theatre

“A piece by Nasi Voutsas and Bertrand Lesca, co-produced by FellSwoop Theatre. It’s going to be really fun! All of us living together in one house, we’ll be able to learn from each other and… I mean, we might argue sometimes, but housemates always argue sometimes, don’t they? Two performers – one Greek, one French – explore life in the Eurohouse: its failures and its successes, the founding ideals and what got lost along the way. While Kraftwerk plays on repeat, they dance and shout, cry and sing, argue and speak in their mother tongues.”

Shortlisted for the Fringe Sustainable Practice Award

Our judges say: Eurohouse’s premise of two friends creating a simple show about togetherness cleverly reveals the inequality of nations within the European Union after the economic collapse of 2008, specifically Europe and Greece. It’s a playful way to have the audience understand the abuses and stresses in this strained relationship.




Eco-friendly puppetry for children and adults

“Less Theatre breathes life into everyday objects that are often overlooked in our daily lives. Working as much as possible with recycled and reusable materials to create our puppets and the world they live in, we ask if something inanimate can tell us more about our lives. Where is Eden?”

Shortlisted for the Fringe Sustainable Practice Award


generation zero

Generation Zero

Relationship drama about climate change

“One young couple. One changing world. She’s certain she knows the man she loves, but he’s hiding a disturbing secret. A look at our future through the eyes of the first generation to tackle climate change head-on. Using poetic language, striking physicality and a soaring soundtrack, Generation Zero will transport audiences into an ambiguous future world in the shadow of imminent climate change. Lamphouse Theatre, a vibrant theatre company from Peterborough, presents this new play. Directed by Tom Fox (Remote by Stef Smith, and Ailie and the Alien by Morna Pearson, National Theatre).

Shortlisted for the Fringe Sustainable Practice Award

Our judges say: Generation Zero examines the lengths we would go to to protect those we love, in circumstances where there is no positive outcome. With a 1984-cum-2040 backdrop, in which energy rationing and travel restrictions have resulted from climate change effects, the potential emotional impacts of such a societal shift are explored by two lovers caught in between.



The HandleBards: Much Ado About Nothing & Richard III

Shakespeare with a twist

“After cycling 1,500 miles from London to Edinburgh, the four-strong all-male HandleBards present Shakespeare’s play as you’ve never seen it before – fast-paced, irreverent and bicycle powered. Since 2013, the HandleBards have pedalled over 5,000 miles across the world, carrying all their set, props and costumes on just four bicycles. Bring a picnic, bring some friends and join the troupe in the beautiful Botanic garden.”



The HandleBards: Romeo and Juliet & The Taming of the Shrew

Shakespeare twisted a little more

“This year sees our all-female troupe’s first outing. They’ll cycle over 1000 miles to perform The Taming Of The Shrew & Romeo And Juliet at over 50 venues across the UK. We set the world on wheels with our unique brand of extremely energetic, charmingly chaotic, environmentally friendly cycle-powered theatre. Ride along with us – we shall be joyful for thy company.”

Shortlisted for the Fringe Sustainable Practice Award



Cosmic Fear or the Day Brad Pitt got Paranoia

LA is filled with traffic jams under heavy smog, trees are drifting under floods in Bangladesh and in China incinerators are burning holes in the ozone layer. Brad fears the future. Brad is a man of action and he’s not here to entertain, but to make a difference. Brad embarks on the great universal love project: to save planet earth. Can the ultimate blockbuster be made to transform the consciousness of the entire world before it’s too late?

Shortlisted for the Fringe Sustainable Practice Award



mr b

The Story of Mr B

Children’s show about grief and nature

“This surprise filled puppet show, set in a giant pop-up book, tells the story of Mr Bumblegrum. As we turn from one page to the next, this grumbling character goes on a colourful and moving journey through the seasons. Nature tries to cheer him up with tenderness and humour, trees play, the sun swirls, mushrooms laugh and snow falls. As spring arrives Mr Bumblegrum realises he wants friendship again. Can you help blow the stormy clouds away? Will you be his friend? Delighting audiences young and old. Performed with puppets, animated objects and shadow theatre.

Shortlisted for the Fringe Sustainable Practice Award



The Mission

Futuristic physical theatre

“It’s 2057. Planet Earth is on the brink of disaster. A new home

needs to be found. Follow Jenny on her journey from part-time pint puller to interplanetary hero in this inspiring and amusing interstellar mission across the solar system. Will Jenny help secure a future for mankind? Does space hold the answer when all is lost? And how will they get her ready in time? The Mission explores mankind’s continuing ambition and endless fascination with outer space, telling the story of Jenny with ensemble movement, puppetry and an original soundtrack.”



One Hundred Homes

Exhibition and performance

“Yinka Kuitenbrouwer visited over a hundred people. She talked to them about the idea of ‘home’. With the help of snapshots, quotes and biscuits, Yinka created a new story. An intimate performance, played in a small wooden cabin specially built in Summerhall’s Courtyard. One Hundred Homes is an ongoing performance: each time Yinka performs the play, she also visits people from the area, adding their stories to her archives. During her stay at the Fringe, Yinka will continue to collect impressions in the Edinburgh area, visiting residents, artists, and visitors. Join Yinka in her new Edinburgh home!




New satirical writing

“A satirical comedy focusing on the homeless, lost and forgotten people in society. Using puppetry, clown and other storytelling devices, you are cordially invited to examine the real and surreal experiences of those who have nothing.

Shortlisted for the Fringe Sustainable Practice Award

Our judges say: Players Toby and Tobias give us an immersive insight into life living homeless on the streets. Almost cabaret at points, and comic satire consistently, their blend of storytelling, physical theatre and puppetry makes more immediate the realities of living without a home and the complexity of situational companionship. Having walked from London to Edinburgh to perform the show (and working with homeless charities among the way) this production company is a good example of people going the extra mile!


Top image credit Moyan Brenn on flickr

All other images and descriptions and from Edinburgh Festival Fringe website and handlebards.com


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