#GreenFests: Top Ten Things to See in Edinburgh this Week

15th August 2016

Quick as anything we're almost halfway through the Festival Fringe! But there is still plenty to see, as our picks this week show.

We’re right in the middle of the Fringe, where the marketing is most fervent and the weather slowly taking a turn for the better. Our excitement about the array of shows hasn’t subsided, and here we present to you the second instalment of our Top Ten productions to see every week. We have also released the shortlist for our Sustainable Practice Award and are now reviewing the shows – so if you come see our suggestions, you might meet us there!


  1. Erin, Errol and the Earth Creatures

Children’s Theatre about human exploitation of the earth

“When Erin’s brother disappears she sets out on an adventure to find him. Erin, Errol and the Earth CreaturesWith a good pair of wellies, a curious will o’ the wisp as her guide and a sharp pair of ears, Erin soon meets some peculiar creatures and discovers that she is not the only one to have had something taken from her. Inspired by folk stories and our changing relationships with the earth, this is a tale of give and take, of the call of the earth, and of the little girl who began to listen.”

Shortlisted for the Fringe Sustainable Practice Award

What our judges say: A sweet piece with clever effects, beautiful upcycled puppets and a loveable cast that has a clear message: Humans have overused the planet and are not showing it enough appreciation and care; to avoid bad consequences, everyone needs to work together and do their bit. Intimately staged, with music and witty lines not only for the childen, this will leave you with a smile on your lips and determined to recycle more.


2. Delivery #16

Interactive Walking Tour

“Take a better look at the streets of Edinburgh with this smartphone driven Delivery #16piece of interactive theatre. You represent The Giftgivers, a bespoke courier service making anniversaries special and connecting loved ones in long-distance relationships. The Giftgiver Cooperative’s aim is simple: make people smile. Made up of a group of warm-hearted individuals taking on deliveries that traditional couriers won’t do, possibly due to non-physical addresses or the desire to profit. Created by John Burrows, Zombie Captain of The Generation of Z (Edinburgh 2014, London 2015), Delivery #16 invites you to make an intimate love story possible.”

Shortlisted for the Fringe Sustainable Practice Award

What our judges say: Delivery #16 takes you on a kind of ‘love treasure hunt’ around Edinburgh, exploring what it would mean to have meaningful deliveries. Ranging from fun to challenging to interactively entertaining, it’s difficult to know what to expect of this show, and unlike many more traditional theatre pieces on the Fringe.


3. World Without Us

International new writing on human impact on nature

“We could hardly imagine it: no mortgages, no knitting scarves, World Without Usno swimming pools, no butterfly strokes and no honey kept in glass bowls. Animals would no longer be stuffed, skyscrapers no longer built, no more suicide and no mathematics. There would be no more talk about the old days, about what’s possible. There would be no more words. It would never happen. We’d find a solution. A world without us. Multiple Fringe First winners Ontroerend Goed return to Edinburgh with their new piece about the end of humanity and what comes after.”

Shortlisted for the Fringe Sustainable Practice Award


4. Bird

Physical Theatre  and Clowning

“A vast and desolate world. One lone creature, starved of both food and Birdfriendship. With only a patch of soil to call her own, she must be ready to seize every small opportunity that might fly by… Created through inventive clowning, mime and visceral physicality, and enriched by a detailed and subtle soundscape which is performed live, Bird is a timeless tale of friendship, courage, magic and madness.”

Shortlisted for the Fringe Sustainable Practice Award

What our judges say: Bird is a fleeting tale of the fragility of life in a giving and dangerous environment. Consistently expressive, this combination of mime, dance and physical theatre transforms the single performer through the challenges presented by satisfy the most basic of needs. With beautiful light and sound design, and presented as part of the Made in Scotland showcase, this piece of work highlights to us the momentary hand-to-mouth existence of the natural world.


5. Bildraum

Performance art built through technology

“An architect and a photographer compose an audiovisual story live on stage. BildraumBy reconstructing spaces in which memories once took place, different storylines slowly unfold, like browsing a photo album created on the spot. The two performers act as technicians of the imagination using architectural models, live photography, sounds and music to unite the visual and spacial into a surprising performance. A brilliant, award-winning original show where the past and present seem to coincide and the audience themselves gradually develop the connections in between.”

Shortlisted for the Fringe Sustainable Practice Award


6. The Hours Before We Wake

Part comedy, part dark view on our future

“A lo-fi, sci-fi black comedy set in 2091. Technology allows us to control our The Hours Before We Wakedreams and upload them to DreamShare. Our story follows Ian, a perpetual beta-male, who’s pretty insignificant but dreams of being a hero. After meeting the outcast Bea, he’s plunged head first into a world of conspiracy. Tremolo Theatre use music, movement and intricate sound design to explore this dystopian world.”

Shortlisted for the Fringe Sustainable Practice Award

What our judges say: A very good lead actor and excellent sound design help this production over the few plot holes and elevate it to an entertaining and thought-provoking production. Both actors and set are versatile and the show makes an enjoyable and imaginative Fringe debut for Tremolo Theatre.


7. Waves

Storytelling for the whole family

“The story of young Aussie Elizabeth Moncello, the unofficial inventor of the Wavesfamous butterfly stroke. Elizabeth has a watertight reason for learning to swim and a school of fish, penguins and other amphibian friends to teach her how. Her determination, wit and courage help her defy the tide of expectation and discover her hidden strengths. An intimate theatrical event combining highly expressive storytelling, delicate movement and splashes of humour to tell Elizabeth’s amazing tale of a life fully lived. A delight for audiences from 8 to 80.”


8. Allison After a Fire

New Writing on Destruction of Nature

“In the wake of the most destructive wildfire in Colorado history, Allison Allison After A Firestruggles to come to terms with losing everything. A challenging new drama about remembering, forgetting and the forest.”

Shortlisted for the Fringe Sustainable Practice Award

What our judges say: Allison After a Fire mirrors the destruction of one person’s life through a wildfire with the destruction of the area’s wildlife habitats. It is touching, asks about how to move on after a disaster and shows how both humans and nature regenerate only slowly and with care.


9. Dreaming of Leaves

Post-apocalyptic Physical Theatre

“Set in the post apocalypse, a strange family inhabit a derelict hilltop church. Dreaming of LeavesThe rest of earth is submerged under water. Believing that all the birds fell from the sky in the summer of 2053, Otto is amazed to find a winged creature during an expedition to find food. Sudden joy is experienced by the church residents, and they decide to teach it to fly. The complexity of hope in a world where reality has little tangibility is slowly revealed.”


10. Sheltered

Devised Theatre about Social Issues

“Homelessness: an inescapable reality of the modern world. ShelteredAn issue that is too close to home for far too many. But the path to the streets isn’t always as concrete as it seems. What makes you immune? You choose who performs, you choose which voices are heard. Come find shelter and hear our stories.”

Shortlisted for the Fringe Sustainable Practice Award



Top Image Credit: Zoetnet on flickr

Show Descriptions courtesy of Edinburgh Festival Fringe Website

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