UNFIX Festival

11th June 2015

UNFIX Festival of Performance and Ecology

Glasgow-based UNFIX festival has launched its programme, delivering a rich blend of events curated around the themes of ecology and …

Glasgow-based UNFIX festival has launched its programme, delivering a rich blend of events curated around the themes of ecology and climate change, rooted within a very physical sense of living. This year’s festival will take hold of The Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA) in Glasgow, delivering live performance, dance, film, installation, workshop and debate by Scottish and international artists.

In its first year, the capacity of this festival is profound, as much of the programming digs acutely into the most challenging issues of our times–issues that expand beyond human scale to an often intangible extent. By bringing a human sense and bodily physicality to such vast issues, UNFIX festival holds the capacity to reintroduce a sense of feeling into the way that we think about and act upon climate change.

The festival will broadly interpret ecology to include the contexts of imagination and culture, politics and economics, soul and mental health, and environment. At CCS, we are continually working to widen our perceptions of sustainability, acknowledging the complex web that culture rests upon.

We are very excited to announce our upcoming Green Tease event “Performance and Ecology” with Paul Michael Henry of UNFIX Festival. During this gathering, we will be discussing UNFIX festival and the inspiration for this year’s programme. Paul will share his interests in personal identity and ‘selfing’ which has shaped this year’s festival programme. We will discuss how feeling, physicality and language all interact within the larger context of climate change and ecology, and how culture is so deeply embedded within it all.

We will also discuss the potential of UNFIX to engage with the context of ArtCOP Scotland, bringing in the influential partners, emerging talent and attuned audience that the festival attracts. We will also consider how prominent venues, such as CCA Glasgow, can help build the impact and influence of ArtCOP Scotland.

Following June’s Green Tease gathering, CCS will also be participating in UNFIX festival, with the facilitation of a discussion on what roles individual artists can play in contributing to a more sustainable Scotland. This discussion will include an inclusive round-up of reflections from past and current projects, like the Mull Artist Residency and our ever-developing Green Tease network and events programme, ultimately leading into the ideas surrounding ArtCOP Scotland and the urgency we feel to respond locally and tangibly to the upcoming COP21 climate negotiations in Paris this December.

Come along to our June Green Tease event to learn more about these developing strands of work, and be sure to get involved with UNFIX festival, taking place at CCA Glasgow from 10th-12th July 2015.

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